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Our Philosophy

Farah Retina Consultants crafts personalized treatment plans based on optimizing each patient’s individual visual function and the health of his or her retina. Not every retinal case requires surgery; Dr. Farah considers surgery only when the chances of visual improvement are clear and tangible and when it outweighs the risk of surgery.

Retinal pathologies—including a large percentage of retinal detachments, macular holes, and vitreo-macular tractions—are successfully repaired in the office, which reduces complications and treatment burden. In order to best service his patients, Dr. Farah maintains a single office practice with a warm and compassionate staff. He is available in the office every weekday.

“Our mission is to provide exceptional,
experienced care to retinal patients at a
state-of-the-art facility in Pelham Bay.”

Sam Farah, M.D.
Retina-Vitreous Specialist

Dr. Farah at office Assistant at Dr Sam Farah M.D., Samer Farah M.D., Retinal specialist Bronx Westchester. Macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease

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